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Why Hyperinflation is already occurring; and the replacement of all global fiat currency by Cryptocurrency is underway.


We are already at the leading edge of Global Hyperinflation, a mechanism through which ALL the fiat currencies will collapse. But it is hidden, because people are looking in the wrong direction.

Traditionally, people think of Hyperinflation as a situation in which the local currency of an individual country experiences very high debt, and accelerating rates of inflation in the cost of goods, food and energy. This rapidly erodes the value of the local currency, and causes the population to minimize their holdings of local money. The current problem with using that traditional metric is that technology is a) increasing our ability to produce and deliver goods more cheaply; b) is increasing our ability to grow and deliver cheaper food; and c) is decreasing the cost to tap into and deliver energy.

In traditional Hyperinflation, as debt and costs increase, individual governments fire up the printing presses, printing more fiat currency to offset the debt and rising costs of goods/food/energy. In this case, on a GLOBAL Scale, we find ourselves in a once in human history scenario in which technology has allowed the goods, food and energy producers to keep up with the speed of the money printers through speeding up their production of consumer goods, food and energy. So those traditionally watched consumer price indicators don't show up, although the escalating global debt crisis is clear.

What is the single place we see clear evidence of hyperinflation? Bitcoin (or Bitcoin Cash)! The "Replacement Currency". It is clearly the leading indicator of hyperinflation. People think this is a bubble, but this is just the very teeny tiny beginning of the curve. ALL Global Fiat Currency is in the beginning throes of hyperinflation. It is ALL hyperinflating vs Crytpocurrency. It’s not that you are getting ready to see the Bitcoin(s) "go to the moon", as much as you are getting ready to see Fiat Currency "go to the bottom of the deepest trench in the sea". In reality both will occur.

NOTE: Historically the best way to financially leverage this is to take out contracts or loans on fixed percentage rates, and reinvest the money into the new currency or tangible good that is hyper-appreciating (bitcoin or bitcoin cash in this case). Your investment skyrockets in value comparatively to the fiat interest rate you borrowed at, or the cash equivalent value of a contract, allowing you to pay off the original loans or contracts at a fraction of your investment profit.

I will repeat this. We are at the beginning curve of fiat -> bitcoin hyperinflation, the end of which is that traditional global fiat currency is replaced by bitcoin(s). This hyperinflation event began in the Spring of 2017. Hyperinflationary events tend to only take 12 - 24 months on average. The most extreme, and well known, was the German Weimar Republic. It was over in less than 2 months. The remaining pieces in the Fiat -> Bitcoin hyperinflationary currency replacement event are “Scaling” and “Adoption”. Scaling is the technological process of allowing more transactions to occur per second. That technological scaling upgrade is already underway and will likely be completed in 2018. Adoption is when people start adopting and using the currency. With 10’s of millions of global users, and the number growing fast, that also is underway. Consider “Apple Pay” and “Google Pay” where you just pay from your phone. This is the same payment concept which will allow people to use Bitcoin instead of traditional Fiat Currencies (USD, Euro, Yen, Yuan, Ruble etc). How fast could this payment transition happen? Well, how fast can several billion people download an App?

Go to http://www.Bitcoin.com and download your wallet. Get ahead of the curve. Get Bitcoin (Cash).

NOTE: For more information on hyperinflation, see wikipedia. It’s a real event that routinely occurs in countries. The difference this time is that it will happen globally, in ALL countries almost simultaneously. It makes sense... global world, global economy, global technology tying us all together.... global money. Hyperinflation is the dollar->bitcoin mechanism that will get us there, and that is why we already see 2, 3, 4, and even 5 digit percentage increases in Cryptocurrency valuations, because it has already started. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperinflation 

CLARIFICATION: The terms Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Cryptocurrency are used rather interchangeably in this paper.  For more clarity on this see our section, http://www.TheMountainsVoice.com/pub/02/bitcoiniscoming.html