FUNDING for TheMountainsVoice.com is provided by public donation and private advertising.  The majority of funding goes towards social media advertising. A smaller amount is directed at print and outdoor media.  An even smaller amount goes to keep things running, web hosting, design, electric bills etc.  There are currently no salaries.  Following is information on how you can support efforts to increase the quality, scope and reach of our publications.

 Financial Gifts can be made in the following manner:

Cash or Check Mailed Payable to:
The Mountains Voice; Box 10887 Big Canoe; Big Canoe, GA 30143

Via Paypal, Credit or Debit Card:   

Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) Address:  1NfqNE4rc1cfmUqcuq4vAsNpPX3EAiJjTY

  Bitcoin ($BTC) Address:  1Lk5My5eGV2wqmTZuEtbZxRezPtD9s2JMd


Work Donations can be as valuable as a financial contribution.  Since most finance is directed towards spreading publications via social media, actually working to help us spread the word across social media platforms replaces most need for finance.  If you find a specific message series you would like to work to promote, please visit our social media page.


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